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what is a subluxation

What is a subluxation?

Many patients come into Balanced Spine and learn about how subluxations are impacting their spine. Subluxations sounds like a complicated word, but it can be straightforward once you understand what it is and how it is impacting your life. During an adjustment, the chiropractor applies controlled force to joints of the spine or other parts of the body to correct subluxations. Overall, this helps the entire body to function and heal better. But what is a subluxation?

A subluxation is the improper position or movements of the bones in the spine. It is when there is a misalignment or partial dislocation in the vertebrae of the spine or joints. When the vertebrae or joint is out of alignment it causes stress and dysfunction to nerves, preventing the body from being at optimal health. One thing everyone has in common is that subluxations are negatively affecting our health and need to be adjusted.

So, we now know what a subluxation is, but how do they occur? Subluxations can be caused by physical, biochemical, or psychological trauma. Many patients come into the office with sport injuries, pain from car accidents or serious falls. All these physical injuries cause subluxations; however, subluxations can also be caused from emotional stress, such as depression, or chemicals like medication or pollution. Most of the time it is hard to notice when subluxations occur in the spine, but they still affect your body’s performance and homeostasis. Other times it is very noticeable, and you can be in great pain and discomfort. This can also be caused by a build-up of subluxations that have occurred over many years. Subluxations occur at all ages; from the moment you are born until you are old. No matter what age you are it is essential to take care of your spine.

Chiropractic adjustments work to minimize or eliminate subluxations that are interfering with the health of your body and nervous system. It is important to remember that the brain and body are connected. The spine is an essential part of the nervous system that is directly linked to the success of the brain-body connection. The spinal cord connects the brain to the rest of the body by transmitting messages back and forth. Subluxations in the spine will negatively impact the brain-body connection affecting multiple body systems. When vertebrae in the spine are not aligned or injured, it affects the nerves communicating to the brain. This causes disfunction in the spine and can cause a range of symptoms and health problems. Some major symptoms include neck pain, back pain, headaches, migraines, numbness, and tingling. If any of these symptoms seem familiar it may be a sign you need an adjustment!

During our chiropractic assessments at Balanced Spine you will notice a series of initial tests that allow us to see how your body and brain are communicating. Our chiropractors design a specific care plan to ensure the optimal subluxation correction for each patient. Care plans vary for each patient depending on the condition they came in with. Generally, the longer a subluxation pattern has occurred, the longer it will take to correct and relieve pain. The human body heals best when adjusted in a rhythm. Regular adjustments at Balanced Spine Chiropractic will help get you on the right track to live a healthy and pain-free life!

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