Unveiling the 3 T’s: How Chiropractic Restores Balance and Wellness

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Chiropractic Restores Balance and Wellness

How chiropractic can help against the 3 T’s

Everyone wants to keep their bodies healthy, however there are so many things that can affect the health of our body. Not only do traumas or injuries affect our bodies, but toxins and thoughts do as well. The chiropractic community considers traumas, toxins, and thoughts to be the 3 underlying causes of subluxations in the body. Subluxations are misalignments of the vertebrae in your spine that can cause nerve interference. This affects proper body function and overall health by hindering communication between the brain and body. When coming to Balanced Spine Chiropractic many ask, ‘what do you think caused my pain?’ But the answer may be an accumulation of the 3 T’s; toxins, trauma, and thoughts. This pain can not only affect your spine but everyday life. Today, the 3 T’s continue to impact people’s bodies and contribute to many pains and imbalances that people are experiencing. They will either directly or indirectly impact the spine and nervous system which will impact the body’s ability to heal and function at its best. By understand each ‘T’ individually, it will allow us to understand how they are impacting our bodies and how we can heal.

Trauma is the most well know of the 3 T’s and the easiest for us to understand. At one time or another we have all injured ourselves causing trauma to our bodies. Trauma is a physical stressor that causes subluxations through force on the body. Major traumas are normally a single incident, such as a car accident, that can have a huge impact on how we feel and function. Other major traumas can be sport injuries, giving birth, or breaking a bone. There are also micro-traumas that can happen daily which are not as obvious to people. Repetitive behaviours can cause subluxations, like carrying a heavy bag on the same side every day or sitting at a desk every day. Once these micro-traumas accumulate, they can lead to a more serious problem or condition. These can go undetected from day to day and allow for permanent change, especially in the spine.

The next ‘T’, toxins, refer to substances or chemical stressors that enter or are produced in our body and these may not always be an obvious cause of subluxations. When the body is chemically balanced it is in a state of homeostasis. Depending on what enters the body, whether you eat it or accidentally take something in, it can become imbalanced. Imbalances can cause muscle contractions or changes that can lead to subluxations. Toxins can come from GMO food, exposure to air or water pollution, prescription drugs, or household chemicals. Today’s diet can introduce many toxins. High sugar, white flour, and genetically modified organisms can have many impacts on the body’s health. Many things we eat are highly inflammatory to our bodies. Environmental toxins are another source of toxins that can enter the body. When toxins accumulate in the body and are not filtered out it can lead to pain and inflammation throughout the body. This can lead to stress and the inability to function or heal normally.

The last ‘T’, thoughts, has much more of an impact on our body than we realize. Most people do not tend to associate thoughts with subluxations. This is referred to as mental stress that interferes with body functioning. The main thought that is associated with subluxations is stress. Today our lifestyles tend to be full of stress and non-stop activities. Stress leads to a release of hormones and the body goes into a state of ‘fight or flight’. This stress response can be helpful in the short term but can become chronic and cause damage in the long term. Emotional stress, long days, arguments, anxiety, and depression are all thoughts that can negatively impact our bodies and cause subluxations in the spine. In a recent report by Forbes, they stated that 83% of adults who are working said they are stressed because of their jobs. Stress causes the back and neck to become tight and tense causing subluxations, emotional stress, and chemical imbalances.

So, with all these stressors that can impact our body, what can we do to fix it? Chiropractic care at Balanced Spine focuses on the lack of communication between the brain, nervous system, and the rest of the body. Chiropractic adjustments allow the body to be brought back to a state of homeostasis that was disrupted by the 3 T’s. However, adjustments are not the only things that will get rid of the 3 T’s. A person must have a balanced lifestyle. It is important to also eat well and exercise. Our chiropractors at Balanced Spine suggest regular adjustments to help alleviate the imbalances caused by toxins, traumas, and thoughts on the body.

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