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Dr. Tamsyn Capper – Chiropractor Rosedale

Dr. Tamsyn Capper

Qualified Chiropractor

Dr. Tamsyn Capper - Chiropractor Auckland
Qualifications & training:

NET Seminars
Pediatrics - Inspiral 1 and 2
Neurologic Seminars

An interview with: 

Dr. Tamsyn Capper

Why did you become a chiropractor?

I became really interested in natural health as it had helped me improve the gut function, sleep, and skin issues I was having as a teen.

I was always interested in working with people and in health and knew a few Chiropractors and they always seemed to really love what they did.

As a chiropractor what are your favourite things to help people with?

Women’s health: I love using chiropractic to assist women with fertility, hormones, pregnancy, post-partum & pediatrics.

Back health: I use chiro to help to strengthen your spine, back, core, legs and keep you moving.

Neck care: chiropractic is great to help you improve your posture, cervical lordosis and get rid of the forward head posture, especially for those who work at a desk.

What are your best tips for health and wellness?

Tips for pregnancy: get checked regularly to optimise the position of your baby. and avoid instability, it is really beneficial to start doing hip rocking and forward leaning early on. Get a Swiss ball! My favourite non-chiropractic resources for pregnant woman include Spinning Babies and the Calm Birth Course.

Chiropractic tips for kids & babies: get your kids checked regularly at the chiropractor, especially if they are going through a growth spurt, have a fall, or if anything changes with their health.

It's really important to monitor kids for scoliosis, retained primitive reflexes, and low tone in babies. We can also help with sensory regulation when needed, using things like weighted blankets, skin brushing, and vagal nerve stimulation exercises like breathing, humming, water gargling, etc.

Tell us a bit about you!

I love the education side of chiropractic. I love all things related to women’s health, and also looking at the mind-body connection to symptoms.

I have a one-year-old, a 5 year old Labrador and love animals and kids!


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