Ginny Gore

Chiropractic Assistant and Office Manager

Ginny joined the team in 2017 and worked as our chiropractic assistant while also working as a personal trainer for Les Mills.

Falling in love with Chiropractic and how it works Ginny quickly became full time and is now Office Manager, she has also first hand experienced the effects of chiropractic care as a headache suffer for 14 years now thanks to looking after her spine she now no longer suffers with the daily affliction of headaches. Ginny has worked in the health industry since 2009 and is very passionate about helping our patients wherever she can.

Ginny is happy to answer any questions regarding chiropractic care, appropriate exercises to aid in your recovery, or just to book your appointments.

Outside of work Ginny loves going to the gym, taking her dog for walks, and spending time with her husband.

Ginny Gore