Dr Elise McMinn

Qualified Chiropractor

Dr. Elise has a special relationship with Chiropractic in that it goes back three generations in her family, receiving her first chiropractic check up as soon as she was born.

For the last few years Dr. Elise has been practicing in Australia taking care of many individuals and families. The greatest happiness for Dr. Elise comes from seeing patients start to thrive under care as their spine and nervous systems start to function better. Dr. Elise has a particular interest in the impact of stress upon the spine and nervous system and the ongoing effects that this can create. She looks forward to sharing this vital information with you.

Dr Elise’s approach is caring, compassionate and her focus is seeking to understand the whole person as she understands the impact of someone’s life on their health and vitality.

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Dr. Elise McMinn

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