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We've been offering leading pain management and wellness solutions through chiropractic care in Auckland since 2012. Since then Balanced Spine Chiropractic has helped 1000's of patients reduce pain and improve overall health and well being.

We look forward to continuing to help many more people enjoy healthier and happier days through our unique and natural, drug free approach. We have helped our patients deal with and recover from neck and back pain, hip pain, migraines, headaches and more. Come see us for relief from pain and improve your overall wellness today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are chiropractic adjustments good for you

Just like wheel alignments and balancing are good for your car and overall ride, so is chiropractic care. By essentially freeing up tension and realigning your body, you are able to release tension and get your body back into balance without the use of drugs or surgery.

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Are chiropractic adjustments painful
Adjustments are generally pain free but depending on how misaligned and inflamed your spine is, it can cause some discomfort as tension is released. This discomfort generally clears up in no time leaving you feeling limber and free.

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Can chiropractic help with allergies

Allergies can result when the spine sends abnormal, false positive signals to the brain regarding the environment the body finds itself in. These faulty signals can be caused by a misaligned spine. As chiropractors, we look to re-align the spine and getting it firing properly, resulting in the clearing up of allergies in many patients.

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Healing Takes Time

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Coping with Stress

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What is a subluxation? Many patients come into Balanced Spine and learn about how subluxations are impacting their spine. …